Where to buy 3V Visa® prepaid vouchers

Get 3V Visa vouchers from 15,000 locations right across Canada.
3V Visa vouchers are also available at Esso and Canadian Tire gas stations.

Type in your postal code (without spaces, for example K2J2L4), to find the store nearest you.

Shop online without a credit card

There's a great new way to shop online. With 3V Visa prepaid vouchers you don't need a credit card. You can shop online wherever Visa is accepted. You can also pay for things using a 3V Visa over the telephone and via mail order. 3V Visa is secure, simple and instant.

3V Visa

How it works:

  1. Buy a voucher in retail
  2. Activate your 3V Visa prepaid voucher online
  3. Receive your 3V Visa number and security details
  4. Shop online anywhere Visa is accepted

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Purchase fees and charges

$20 Visa voucher
$30 Visa voucher
$50 Visa voucher
$100 or $150 Visa voucher
$250 or more

3V Visa prepaid vouchers are the most afforable virtual prepaid vouchers in the Canadian market with the most competitive fee structure.

Using 3V Visa prepaid vouchers provides added security since you’re not giving away any confidential information and they cannot be cloned.

To maintain security, your Visa number expires in 3 months. At anytime, you can redeem your funds to a Canadian bank account for a fee of $4.95 or transfer funds to another 3V Visa for $1.95. An account fee of $2 per month will be chargeable 12 months after the date of purchase. This will be deducted from the Available Balance. A fee of 2.5% of the transaction amount is applied when a purchase is made in non-Canadian currencies.